What is your Skin Care Number?

What are your IGOG Skin Care Numbers?

For those of you who are new to IGOG Skin Care, let me introduce our product's easy to remember numeric system:

Each IGOG Skin Care product has a number. For example the Organic Deep Cleanser No. 1 is easily referred to as "1". The Organic Exfoliating Enzyme Masque No. 25 is referred to as "25". If you were using products No. 1 and No. 25 your IGOG Skin Care numbers would be


For those who have a complete skin care program from IGOG, their numeric formula will be longer.

AHR, an IGOG customer, was nice enough to describes her skin care program for you. I have added hyperlinks to the products that she mentions for your convenience:

    "I was asked to describe the products I use and why I chose them. My IGOG Skin Care numbers are:
    I am 48 and my skin is oily in the summer and more combination in the winter. I have rosacea, which makes my face look red. When the rosacea is acting up I get these bumps that look like acne, but they are tiny, painful and can leaves scars. The medication my dermatologist gave me didn’t work, but my naturopathic doctor told me to follow an anti-inflammatory diet to help decrease the redness and general inflammation in my body and skin. My skin care specialist suggested I try IGOG Skin Care Products and focus on healing my inflamed, sensitive skin.
    I chose IGOG's Organic Deep Cleanser No.1 because as a veterinarian, I am around a lot of dirt and pet dander and need an effective cleanser in order to get all the day's gunk off of my face and body!
    I chose Organic Tonic No.7 for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. I spray it on my face after cleansing. I also take it to work and when I am at soccer practice and spray my face throughout the day to freshen up.
    My esthetician suggested I use a Vitamin C product to help me fight sun damage and inflammation so I am using the Organic 20% C Serum No.8.
Since I have oily skin, I use Organic Treatment Hydration Gel No.16 which keeps me hydrated during the day. It soaks in and doesn't leave me feeling greasy. I apply my sunblock over it.
    At night, instead of sunblock I use Organic Moisturizer No. 21 over my hydrator. I chose that moisturizer because it won't cause acne and is good for oily and normal skin types. In the winter I use No. 21 during the day under my sunblock because our Colorado air tends to be dry.

    I rarely get rosacea flair-ups anymore. My face looks better than it ever has."

AHR – Colorado, USA

 You can see that it was much easier for AHR to describe her skin care program by just listing her product's numbers!

With our unique numbering system you don't have to remember the full name of each of your products when talking to friends, re-ordering product or communicating with customer care!

Another benefit of IGOG's number system is that the products are used in numerical order. Start with the smallest number and work your way up! Using AHR's numbers: 


Use No. 1, then spray on No. 7, apply No. 8, 16 and finish with sunblock (SPF)

At night  leave out the sun protection (SPF) and replace it with Moisturizer No. 21.

Simple! Fast! Effective!

So, what are your IGOG Skin Care Numbers?

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