Why IGOG Invests in Airless Pump Technology and why it is a big deal

 IGOG invests in airless pump technology to dispense your skin care products because airless containers:

Prevent product contamination – prevents dirty fingers, facial sponges and spatulas from adding bacteria and viruses to products that you are going to put on your face!
Prevent oxidation – airless containers keep the air out so they prevent corrosive oxidation. Have you ever seen that crusty, orange or brown gunk around the lid of your screw-top and squeeze containers? That is oxidation contamination!! YUCK! Not okay for IGOG products!
Help you dispense every valuable drop of product – Airless containers have a rising floor that rises as product as it is pumped out. The floor rises like an elevator lift preventing oxygen from taking the place of dispensed product so there is no waste!
Decrease the need for preservatives such as Parabens and anti-bacterial agents. When there is no dirty finger contamination and no oxidation, we can avoid having to use harsh chemicals to preserve our organic and natural ingredients!
Product + container interaction concerns us at IGOG. We have carefully chosen containers that will not leach unwanted chemicals into your products. We have your safety foremost in our mind during every step of our products production, filling and use!

When you first get your product, you will need to repeatedly pump your bottle or jar until your formula is dispensed. During transportation and air travel, product may expand due to outside air pressure differences, causing a slight movement of the “elevator floor” of your airless container. Burping your container (upside down) while it is sealed or repeated pumping dispenser will restore the proper flow of your products.

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