No.3 - IGOG Natural Facial Cleansing Oil (Combination-Winter, Dry)

No.3 - IGOG Natural Facial Cleansing Oil (Combination-Winter, Dry)

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Take a moment to relax and be present for this pampering experience. Massage this exotic and luxurious cleansing oil onto your face, neck and décolleté with fingers, washcloth, sponge or facial brush and rinse off with warm water. This 100% Natural Cleansing Oil No. 3 dissolves makeup and environmental impurities, unclogs pores, leaving your skin pH balanced and dewy-moist

Directions: Apply to moist hands, facial brush, sponge or a clean cloth, honoring your face and body as you bathe.Rinse with water and follow with exfoliating toner pads, nutritive mist, serums, hydrator, eye and facial moisturizers, treatment products and sunblock.

At IGOG we use essential oils, organic and natural ingredients, airless container technology and clean manufacturing and filling processes to insure a clean, healthy skin care product with a reasonable shelf life.

The high-tech airless container makes sure your product doesn't oxidize, deteriorate or become contaminated due to exposure to the elements or dirty fingers! Thanks to this innovative packaging, less preservatives are necessary and all product is evacuated from the container so you can enjoy every last drop!