No.16 - Organic Treatment Hydrator (All Skin Types)

No.16 - Organic Treatment Hydrator (All Skin Types)

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 Lightens Discoloration + Firm + Tone + De-Puff + Smooth Wrinkles

Oh my! IGOG's Organic Hydrator No. 16 deserves an A+ for the amazing job it does addressing the effects of aging, stress, inadequate sleep, and skin tone challenges! This power-packed formula features Matrixyl 3000 and bio-available, chirally correct organic ingredients that work overtime to relieve dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, puffiness, loss of skin’s tone and texture.  Enjoy the resilience and plump radiance of youth as you hydrate the area around your eyes, face, neck and décolleté! 

Matrixyl® 3000 repairs sun-damaged skin and restores skin's collagen network leading to a firmer, more toned dermal scaffolding. You may notice a smoother complexion immediately, while some serious reconstruction is going on in the background. A 33% decrease in wrinkle depth and visibility has been reported with daily use over a few month's time.

Hydration is a form of moisturization, addressing the seriously important water moisture in our skin. Without water moisture our skin becomes frail, lines appear, wrinkles form and our oil production goes up to hold what little water we have in our our skin! For this reason, we list our Organic Treatment Hydrator as part of our moisturization line as well as a stand-alone product in the hydration category.

All skin types should use No.16 under their moisturizer to balance the skin's moisture levels and manage signs of aging!

Oily skinned individuals can use No.16 by itself during the hot, humid months when skin's oil flows more readily, or under No.21 Organic Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Moisturizer  to balance their skin's water and oil moisture levels.

You might notice IGOG uses ingredients with an "L-" in front of them. This "L-" means that the ingredient has been chirally corrected to allow deep product penetration with less sensitization!

Directions for Use: Wash and pat skin dry. If you are going to use exfoliating toner pads, nutritive mist or serums, apply and let dry 30 seconds before applying Organic Cucumber Hydrator No. 16. Apply 1-2 pumps hydrator around eyes, face, neck and décolleté. This versatile gel-based hydrator goes on fresh and cool and can be used alone for those with oil-abundant skin, or for more thirsty skin, allow to absorb slightly before applying facial moisturizer. Follow with sunblock.

The high-tech airless container makes sure your product doesn't oxidize, deteriorate or become contaminated due to exposure to the elements or dirty fingers! Thanks to this innovative packaging, less preservatives are necessary and all product is evacuated from the container so you can enjoy every last drop!

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